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We are two hookah enthusiasts from a magical place called Estonia. We have created BACCO for You to offer a stylish hookah that You can comfortably carry around and use whilst it being a synonym for the word ’quality’. We can proudly state that our hookah is pure Estonian handicraft – all BACCO details are prepared by various cooperating partners around Estonia.

Try it and You will not regret it – we guarantee that!


with the BACCO team

If You have any questions about our hookah or wish to know more about our business and dealings, then please fill in the enclosed contact form and we will come back to You as soon as possible, but no later than within 2 working days.


Registry number: 12253261
Legal address: Suur-Paala 2a, Tallinn 13916
Contact e-mail: bacco@bacco.ee
Phone: +372 5845 3439


    We are located in Tallinn, Estonia

    In summer season,
    we are often
    represented in different
    type of event.
    Stop by and say hello!