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How to choose shisha tobacco?

There are different shisha tobacco brands in Estonia, though quality of many tobaccos is low. Therefore, for shisha sessions we recommend smoking only the internationally recognized shisha tobacco brands like Al Fakher or Nakhla. In Estonia, the high-quality shisha tobacco is provided by the Universaal-Universum. The shop locations are listed here:

How often can shisha be smoked?

It is individual and may be judged according to the state of health, you can smoke shisha when you wish. Smoking shisha is a pleasant way of spending time and nice social activity.

Whether shisha tobacco is harmful to health?

Similar to common smoking tobacco, shisha tobacco contains nicotine and may be harmful to health. Differently from common cigarette, shisha tobacco does not leave unpleasant smell on clothes, skin or hair.

Do not exaggerate when smoking shisha.

How to start a shisha session?

In a case, if you have already purchased hookah, read the guide on our web page, concerning the use of the BACCO hookah:

How much water should be used?

Adding water to the BACCO bottle is one of the most important steps for setting up shisha session, as with insufficient water amount hookah will not set up, while water excess will result in water entering the hose, totally spoiling shisha session.

Pour ca 250ml water, i.e. a bit less than half a bottle, but since the BACCO bottle is not transparent, it is difficult to see how much water is already inside. However, there is a smart tip – pour some water into a bottle and tilt on a flat surface at 90 degrees (e.g. next to a sink) and wait until all excess pours out – the remaining water is the amount you need!

I did everything as prescribed, but there is no smoke?

If you did everything as prescribed, but not enough smoke comes from the water-pipe, there are three reasons for that:

  • Hookah has an air leakage (for example, there are too many holes made in folium) – pay attention, that a hookah valve is always closed and there is a tight rubber seal between a valve and tobacco cup. Make 20-25 holes in tobacco cup covered with folium, do not make holes in the middle of tobacco cup, where the “Vortex tower” locates. If there are too many holes made, too much air gets into the cup and less smoke may come out.
  • Too little heat or coal does not burn properly – make sure that the coal burns properly. If not, blow air onto the coal or heat between the tongs using a lighter.
  • There is not enough tobacco in the tobacco cup – always fill a cup full with tobacco (up to the edge), but not more as it will smell of burning and spoil pleasant taste. If you put less tobacco, the shisha may not set up properly.
Hookah is set up well, but is too strong or has unpleasant taste?

If hookah is too strong or has unpleasant taste, generally, the reason is either the excessive heat (e.g. too much coal was put), too much tobacco or a hose was not washed through. We advise using up to 8 folium layers – as the coal protection inside the hookah cover “reflects” the heat coming from coal, it is better to have the thicker folium.

Is it possible to use something else except water?

While water, preferably ice-cold (in addition, we recommend placing the BACCO bottle and pipe into a freezer before the session), is always a sure option, other variants can be also tried: wine, milk, water with citrous fruits or something else.

Remember to mix milk with water 1:1, which may result in denser smoke, but milk tends to foam and may fast spoil the enjoyment. Wine contains alcohol, so it should be necessarily diluted in water.

Fizzy drinks or other drinks besides wine are not reccomended!

Can I use some fruit instead of tobacco bowl?

Absolutely! The most popular option – half of orange, scooped inside and filled with tobacco. Apple is also possible though orange gives the strongest and most pleasant side-taste.

Other citrous fruit with hard skin can be also used – such as grape, lemon or lime.

Is using disposable hose attachment obligatory?

Herpes virus is easily spread from person to person, so use disposable hose attachments if you can see that someone has herpes on the lips. Wash hose and hose attachment carefully after each shisha session.

What shisha tobaccos and coals are the best?

In Estonia, the best quality tobaccos available are manufactured by Nakhla and Al Fakher. We strongly recommend using their products.

The most popular coal brands that can be purchased in Estonia: Golden Coal, Habibi, Three Kings; etc. We advise you using natural coal, made from natural product, which features cleaner taste than the fast coals. However, natural coal is almost unavailable in Estonia, and beware that it is not easy to get it burning.

Can you set up shisha inside?

Yes, you can, though open the windows, so that the room won’t become too stuffy and the fresh air is guaranteed.

The BACCO hookahs are supplied with the coal protection, which means that nothing bad occurs if hookah is tipped over!*

*If the upper wooden cover is placed onto hookah.

Whether the BACCO wooden cover may start burning?

Regardless of the fact, that the BACCO wooden cover is coated with protective oil layer, it is not completely fireproof. Therefore, comply with all safety rules and handle the BACCO hookah with care! BACCO wont take any responsibilites for careless usuage!

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